Carmelo Pepi, Facilities Manager, First Investors Corporation

ICB Enterprise. First Investors Corporation has been using ICB Enterprise for more than 20 years to service many of our supplemental HVAC equipment in our IT Rooms for both our New York and New Jersey locations. In addition, ICB Enterprise has performed installations on both new and replacement products and all have were completed without a hitch. Whether it’s a package unit, rooftop dry cooler installation or the need for temporary spot cooling, crane rental, ICB has the professional resources necessary to get the job done. ICB Enterprise has always come through for us when we need them. From their phenomenal service and competitive pricing, ICB has been able to offer us the aggressive service contracts we need with the response time needed for these sensitive areas. When we have a service need, no matter what time of day or day of the week, ICB “always comes through”!!!