Service Contracts


The industry typically recommends that you service your HVAC system twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. These times are important because they mark the transition from using air conditioning to heating and vice versa. During these routine service calls, the HVAC specialist will inspect the system for any problems. He will clean out the system, lubricate all moving parts and replace dirty filters. Once this is complete, he may provide recommendations for system improvements or repairs. Many expensive repairs to your HVAC system are avoidable. As a homeowner, you should treat your HVAC system as an investment, diligently scheduling recommended maintenance and service by an HVAC professional to lengthen the life of your system and improve the quality of performance. We provide service contracts for the following systems: Split Systems, furnaces, air handlers, ductless units, humidifiers, packaged units


Whether you oversee retail outlets, office spaces or acres of storage, it's important to ensure suitable air quality inside your commercial facility. Commercial HVAC maintenance covers more than most facility managers realize. Even small office buildings are supported by an infrastructure that requires regular care. The coils and drainage systems in an AC unit are natural breeding grounds for microbes, while heating and humidifying units are prone to slime and mold growth. Dirty filters and ductwork increase facility contamination and decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system. Hiring a qualified mechanical contractor who specializes in these complicated systems is a smart investment in both employee health and lower business costs. Regular maintenance extends the life of an expensive HVAC system and documented service records address any warranty problems that might arise. To ensure that your systems are running at full capacity, the service team at ICB is ready to perform the moment an urgent situation arises. We have 24 hour emergency service available with 2 hour response times to meet your demands. We provide service contracts for the following systems: Rooftop units, chillers, boilers, air handlers, heaters, cooling towers, ductless split systems, dehumidification systems