Residential A/C

It’s that time you look forward to all year long as you’re battling the frigid temperatures and inclement weather— it’s finally summer! Just as the warmer days are upon us and the cold winter months are a thing in the past, you now face a new problem: staying cool. While the warmth of the sun is welcomed, trapped heat in your home is not.  Enjoying time at home at with your family and friends without feeling the effects of the humidity or dry heat is difficult without an air conditioning system in place. Individual air conditioning units have limited cooling potential and are not energy efficient. The professionals at ICB Enterprises Corp. highly recommend investing in a central air conditioning system for your home so that you can enjoy the range of benefits that come with it. Not all central air conditioner models are created equally, but ICB is dedicated to working with the highest quality brand names to provide customers with dependable, efficient and affordable solutions to their cooling needs. Through long-term relationships with well-known manufacturers over the years and an resolution to stay up to date on industry innovations and advancements, ICB can confidently make recommendations that will fit your budget. Once your central air conditioning system is installed, ICB will remain committed to regular maintenance as needed to keep you satisfied with your selection and service. Give ICB a call today to discuss options for central air conditioning systems this summer. The trained technicians will pay you a visit to assist in determining your particular needs and provide you with a free estimate and a flexible payment option.